An Updated Introduction To Picking Out Major Elements Of Bathing Suits

Jan 20, 2017

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The Chicago priest said "white hoods" of the Klan "have been replaced by three-piece suits." He bemoaned high incarceration rates, a "militarized, stop-and-frisk police state," profligate spending on war and a substandard education system. Pfleger said many Americans too quickly dismiss violence in poor neighborhoods as the fault of those who live there, when the real culprit is a lack of opportunity and hope. "If you put two lions in a cage and you don't feed them," he said, "one will kill the other in the pursuit of survival." Warnock, meanwhile, zeroed in on Trump for his treatment of Lewis, now a Georgia congressman who represents most of Atlanta. Lewis angered Trump when he told NBC's "Meet the Press" that he views Trump as "illegitimate" because of alleged Russian interference in the campaign. Trump retorted on Twitter that Lewis is "all talk" and said his district is "falling apart" and "crime infested." "Anybody who suggests that John Lewis is all talk and no action needs a lesson in American history," Warnock said, notably declining to say the president-elect's name. As a young man, Lewis was arrested and beaten by authorities as he demonstrated for civil and voting rights for black Americans. Lewis was in Miami at King Day events. Some Republicans have defended Trump's criticism of Lewis, arguing it is inappropriate for a congressman to question an incoming president's legitimacy. Clara Smith, an Atlanta resident who came Monday to Ebenezer, scoffed at any GOP indignation, remembering that Trump for years questioned whether Obama was a "natural born citizen" as the Constitution requires. "He carried on with that knowing full well what he was doing" to the first black president, Smith, 66, said.

The riotous, multicultural spectacle starts with the pre-dawn J'ouvert (daybreak in French Creole) on Carnival Monday, Feb. 27, when people throw paint on one another. It culminates with Parade of the Bands, where several thousand scantily clad costumed revelers dance to pulsating soca. Birthplace of the steel pan, Trinidad is an oil-rich country whose ports have long been flooded with empty oil drums. Resourceful locals turned them into instruments. Panorama, the world's largest steel pan competition, is held over several days in January and February leading up to Carnival, but the big final competition is Feb. 25 in Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain. Many of the preliminary competitions are held in Port of Spain's pan yards, where tourists are welcome to hear steel pan bands practice throughout the year. Tour companies like Banwari Experience ( will help you "play mas" with a Carnival band, which means you don a costume and march in the parade. They also can set you up to be part of fetes, Carnival-themed parties held all over the island that include your food and drink. Where to stay: Downtown Port of Spain's traffic is at its worst during Carnival, so consider the Hilton Trinidad (, within walking distance of Queen's Park Savannah, where many events are held.

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